I do love you, but I am a cat.

Dear Mum and Dad:

When you are sick, I sit in the same room to watch over you. When you sit quietly and read, puzzle, colour, or cross-stitch, I like to lounge nearby and spend quality time with you. When you are outside, I like to be out of sight but not out of scent and hearing range of you.

But, Mum and Dad, I am not Otto and I am not a dog. I do not like to be picked up, cuddled, held. These displays of affection for you are very stressful for me. I cannot read your mind and do not know what you intend to do when you pick me up. I trust you to always have the best intentions, but how would you feel if someone ten times your size picked you up when you were sleeping, walking to to door, or in mid-jump? I am sure it would scare the life out of you too.

If you must pick me up, please, place me on your shoulders. This allows you to hold me, while allowing me the freedom to abort the ride whenever I feel like it and the ability to see everything around us. I don’t feel as trapped. One could say I enjoy these rides.

I love a good shoulder ride. I can see so much from up here.

I like my brother, but I do wish you would put a little more time into playing with me. I miss the one-on-one shoestring games with you and playing tag. I might seem aloof at times, but I do enjoy playing with you. Please carve out time between work, reading, cooking, cleaning, and puppy training to play with me. Life is busy, but it also short.

Feathers and shoelaces are my favourite.

And Daddy, I like to explore – sometimes very far. I know that makes you worry about me, but I am a strong and clever kitty. I will come home, just give me time. I sometimes go too far from home before the sun sets and I feel safer in a tree than trying to make it home at night. I will do my best to be home for supper, every night; but when I miss curfew don’t worry too much, I am a tough cookie.

Exploring is the best way for me to stay in shape and it is fun!

Mummy, I know you like to put the laundry up and have it free of cat hair. But, I love your cleaned laundry. Can we come to a compromise on this? Maybe you could leave out a cleaned shirt or two each week for me to nest on? It is reassuring to me to have something of yours to lay on when you are at work and I am left without you. I know I seem tough and aloof, but I need reminders that I am safe.

Napping on clean laundry. 

I don’t show it like the dogs and I am not as out-going as Otto, but I do love you, Mum and Dad.



Author: A Bookish Girl

I am working on my postgraduate degree in automotive engineering with a specialisation in advanced powertrains and drivelines. I enjoy engines and vehicles. When not reading or diving into petrol head endeavours, I enjoy running (with my dogs and husband), hiking (with my dogs, Otto, and husband), cycling (with my dogs or husband), ballet (with ballet friends), and cooking (with bourbon).

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