Elsie Games

Top games as told by Elsie.

Laser Insect

Laser Insect is a spontaneous game that starts up when a bright green or bright red insect tries to sneak out of a wall. If you watch the wall with laser-like focus for a while, you will eventually see one of these tricky bugs sneaking around and then the game is afoot! As with any prey, you must quietly follow the insect until you are ready to pounce. When you are ready to snatch the insect,  you must be quick. This is one bug I have yet to catch.


(The joy of this game for Mum and Dad is that Elsie hasn’t learned what a laser pointer is, so she truly believes that staring intently at a wall draws out the bright insect from the wall. Maggie, on the other hand, sees the laser pointer and starts wagging her back end. It is nice that Maggie humours us and enjoys the game, but something about pulling one over on Elsie makes the game more fun for us.)

Teddy Toss

My favourite toys are soft to gnaw on and shaped like bears, turtles, or other animals. One of them squeaks when I gnaw on it, but most of them just feel good to gnaw on when playing and cuddle with during nap time. These toys are also the best for tossing. This game is typically played solo, but Mum has been learning to play.

  1. Start on couch one, or if you have a sectional start on the longer side.
  2. Throw the toy into the air.
  3. Run to couch two, or the shorter side of the sectional.
  4. Jump onto the second couch while catching the toy before it hits the ground.

This can also be played in your mum and dad’s room before bed and upon waking up. Rather than running between couches, you will toss from the foot of the bed, run around the room, grab the toy, and jump on the edge of the bed to complete a circular path, then jump on the bed once more in order to toss your toy again.

It can be played on the stairs, by throwing Teddy from the top of the stairs and trying to run down and catch him before he hits the ground.

After tossing Teddy, no matter which iteration of Teddy Toss you are playing, you must have a cuddle with Teddy. He needs to know he is still loved and you were playing, not being mean.


(I have never seen a dog so in love with a Teddy. She could be left alone with Teddy for hours and be a happy puppy.)


Tag is mostly played with Mags. Sometimes Mags even plays willingly. To initiate this game, you must chew on Maggie’s ear, beard, or tail and run off as fast as possible. When this game is played indoors, running away may require you to jump onto a couch or the bed in order to jump over Maggie and escape the room. When played outside, one must run into the bushes to escape Mags. Like watching the neighbour start the push mower, sometimes starting a game of tag takes a couple pulls, nips, and false starts. Once Maggie engages, you must run as fast as you can usually in big circles to get away. When Maggie catches you, you must start chasing her.

Elsie showing Gyla the rules of tag Monday at the mountain.

(The entertaining thing about this game is Maggie has different speeds, where Elsie only has 0% or 100%. This leads to Mags baiting Elsie before really booking it and Elsie always being too far behind. However, Elsie has boundless puppy energy and can run full speed much longer than Maggie. So, it is always a question of who will win this round of tag.)

Keep Away

Maggie plays football with Mum and Dad. They kick the bright ball, she tries to steal it from them or catch it from the air. Then, she gives it back to them to keep playing. I don’t like this game; why would I give them back a ball just to have to steal it from them again? I prefer grabbing the ball, running away to a happy place and gnawing on the ball until Mum or Dad steal it back. I try very hard to keep the ball from every one else so that I have to do very little chasing.

IMG_0912 (1)

I don’t mind fetch, guys, but when you play Elsie in the Middle, I have to do something to end the cycle. Keep Away is my answer to football and it is much more fun… for me.

Incorporating these four games into your life will keep your days full and enjoyable. It will also keep you in very good shape both mentally and physically. I hope you enjoy these games as much as I do!




Author: A Bookish Girl

I am working on my postgraduate degree in automotive engineering with a specialisation in advanced powertrains and drivelines. I enjoy engines and vehicles. When not reading or diving into petrol head endeavours, I enjoy running (with my dogs and husband), hiking (with my dogs, Otto, and husband), cycling (with my dogs or husband), ballet (with ballet friends), and cooking (with bourbon).

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