Elsie Story Time

In today’s story kids, you will hear a tale of tragedy and comedy as I tell you how I single-handedly angered the Elsie.

I made a happy place, a safe place for Elsie while I worked. It has toys, it had treats, food and water.


I returned and cannot help laughing as my puppy greeted me on the other side of that gate. I had no idea what she had done to get her retribution.


But, I get a small idea when I turn the corner.



But, then the smell hit me


She won this round.

No. She dominated this round.


Author: A Bookish Girl

I am working on my postgraduate degree in automotive engineering with a specialisation in advanced powertrains and drivelines. I enjoy engines and vehicles. When not reading or diving into petrol head endeavours, I enjoy running (with my dogs and husband), hiking (with my dogs, Otto, and husband), cycling (with my dogs or husband), ballet (with ballet friends), and cooking (with bourbon).

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