Left Alone

What we didn’t know is we have Maggie (four-year old) to stop Elsie (eight-months old) from being lonely. -Donatello

The door closes. I am alone.

Mum and Dad left me toys, games, treats, and voices from the picture box; but, I am still alone. Mum walked me prior to shutting the door, but I didn’t have to potty until my mind started worrying if she’d come back or not.

I pace a bit, the treat Mummy handed me before leaving forgotten and abandoned as I search for my family. I can see the cats outside from the living room sometimes, so I walk to the door and stare out for a moment. They cats are not there. I feel very alone.

What if they don’t come back? I pace some more. They aren’t back. They are not coming back. What do I do now? I curl up for a moment.

I jump up from the ball on the floor and run upstairs into Bed. Bed is where I rest every night with my family. It smells like Mum, Dad, and Maggie. I jump “Up-Up” and nuzzle into the soft pillows and blankets. The scent of Mum and Dad fill my world and I close my eyes.

After my nap, they still are not home. I wonder around and explore Bed. All my toys are here so I play with them for a while. Cat in the Hat is my favourite, Mum says it is because I can tell it is a character from a story and I know how much she likes books. Really, it is because it makes a crinkle noise. I really like that noise. It squeaks, too. I usually squeak it to show Mum how fun this toy is. But, I am squeaking it now because the house feels big and lonely and I am filling the void with noise. I set down the toy; I still feel alone.

I walk into the closet. I grab some clothes and place them on the bed beside me. I can smell Mum and Dad again. I feel less frightened and more comfortable. So, I grab the elephant. I love the sound the elephant makes. Mum asks me, “What does an elephant say?” And I squeak it and squeak it and she laughs and gives me praises and treats.

Where is Mum? Where is Dad? Why isn’t Maggie home today?

I feel so worried, I find new things to chew. I find a yummy tube that tastes like key lime (chapstick) and a remote and I chew them. It doesn’t make the worry go away, but it helps distract me because I have never chewed something like these. It feels weird in my mouth. the yummy tube has this weird filling in the middle like food. The remote tastes like cheese sticks, popcorn, and this odd flavour I cannot place… it smells like the outer tubing of the yummy tube.

I get hungry. I run downstairs to my food bowl and nibble on some food. But, my stomach has critters in it that keep me from eating a lot. I give up on eating and lay next to the bowls on the cool floor. I am still alone.

I hear noises outside. The rumbling sound that means Dad is home explodes into my mind. I run to the door. Maggie and Dad walk into the house! I am so happy! I jump, not on to Dad or Maggie. I just jump and pounce and celebrate. My family is home! I run in a circle, nip Maggie’s ear, I am not alone!

But…oh, no. I ate something I was not supposed to… I try to distract Dad from going upstairs. I don’t want him to see what I ate. He walks upstairs and I feel sad. I lower my tail and lick his arm with my apologies. Dad sees what I did, he doesn’t say anything. He picks it up. He looks at me, “I get nervous when I am alone too. I love you, girl.”

I tentatively wag my tail and pick up my toy. I give it one squeak. Daddy smiles and plays tug of war with me.

I wish he never left. I love playing with him and my toys.



Author: A Bookish Girl

Reading Profile: I read about 90-100 books a year and review them within two days of completion. My wheelhouse is fantasy (Grimdark, YA, all of it), but I also enjoy memoirs, graphic novels, and horror stories. A Bit More Personal: I am married to a very sweet, supportive, and kind man that does not, at all, strictly enforce our agreed upon book budget. I have two dogs; Maggie and Elsie. They are Bouvier des Flandres - big, shaggy, non-shedding, cattle dogs filled with a lot of personality and kindness. I have two cats. They are tuxedo cats. One is like a dog, he does tricks, comes when called and cuddles. The other is definitely a cat. We don't see much of each other.

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