Elsie Broke Mum

When you have 70lb dogs, exercise is very important. They will release energy however they can. If you don’t give them a means in which to do it that you both enjoy, then you can wave goodbye to that nice  house you have because destruction on an unimaginable scale is soon to occur.

We hike, play soccer, run, etc. (Not in the same day.)

Saturday, we found ourselves on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, hiking Blood Mountain. The hike is a tough one, but well worth it.

As we returned from our tough hike, Elsie was pretty excited. She is still learning not to pull to keep up with Maggie and Donatello when she is walking with Mum. Thus, it was a bit difficult for Mum. (A 60 lb Bouvier puppy trying to pull you down stone ‘steps’ covered in leaves is terrifying and challenging.) As we finish the hike, several things happen at once.

Maggie and Dad finish the hike and are at the head of the trail hanging out. Maggie catches the scent of a chicken bone 20 yards off trail and heads to get it. When she does this, Elsie catches sight of her. Donatello is calling Maggie because no one wants their dog to have a chicken bone. I am trying to calm Elsie, “Yes, that is Maggie, but you are walking with me.”

Elsie takes off. Mum’s foot is between two boulders and it does not take off. Rather, it pops. And, this, my friends, is how you sprain your Mum’s ankle for her and make her relax with you on the couch for a few days.