Nap Time

2:30 PM to 4:30 PM is nap time for the furries in our house.

I captured some photos from yesterday’s nap time.  Enjoy!

Maggie pretending she is asleep.20160711_173510

Elsie awoke by Mum trying to snap a picture.20160711_173409

Otto stretching during nap time.20160711_173027

Ace sound asleep on the preferred cat chair.20160711_172955

Rest well, my friends!


All About Lounging Positions

As told by Ace

Kitty Fortress

Mum built this special place one day and it has since belonged only to me. Brother has attempted to invade this spot on several occasions, but it is easily defended and so this is still one of my top spots. A luggage rack draped with a duvet cover rests on a piece of memory foam that has the softest blanket on the house as the flooring is referred to as the “Kitty Fortress” in my kingdom. Of my many royal residences, this is the most protected from Brother and the panting predators.

I like it for afternoon naps because it is dark and quiet, allowing me to catch up from a night busy with stalking and pouncing on Brother. It also makes me feel safe when the panting predators get a lot of energy and bounce around or when the sucking, yelling monster Mum is so fond of is attacking all my fur from the floors.


In the Box

There have been many a box pass through the halls of the Wood Home, the country of which I am the High King. However, only one box is referred to as The Box. The only box for which I have approved a royal residence be created. This box is often shared with Brother, but is still an amazing place for lounging.

Dad has positioned it where it catches the sun and so that I can see what is happening at the bottom of the staircase. After lunch naps are best here, because I can fall asleep watching the birds at the window and with the sun lulling me softly to sleep.


Perched Above the Kingdom

No spot is worth lounging in without being able to contemplate and enjoy the lands over which you preside. I have many a location for observing my kingdom: above kitchen counters, above the couch, from the second floor windows, and from the top of the dryer. No king can have enough viewing spots in which to enjoy the layout of his kingdom. These high viewing areas also ensure safety from one’s enemies.

On Cleaned Laundry

Much to Mum and Dad’s delight, I find laundry as soon as it is cleaned and leave gifts of fur for them so they will be reminded they are in the favour of the High King. The smell of Bounty Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets are quite alluring and pleasant, so I try to cover myself in that delectable scent. Often this exertion of energy to cover myself in this wonderful scent leaves me worn out and a nap is required.


From the desk of High King Ace.