Why Can’t We be Friends?

More than anything else, Elsie wants to be best friends with Ace.

More than anything else, Ace wants nothing to do with Elsie.

This has led to an eternal struggle for love and for space between two of our furry children. Yet, Elsie has been making some progress.

They have a while yet to figure it all out, but here is to hoping they do eventually figure it all out…


Elsie has cat troubles.

Elsie is our clown. This is why so many stories are Elsie-centric. Today’s Elsie tell is one of her difficulties with the kitties. Elsie wants, quite badly, to be friends with the cats. She has had little progress in the area, but that does not stop her trying. Here are her antics:

  1. The sneak up next to one and lay down while it is sleeping.20160705_104410
    If you follow the leash trail to behind the basket, you may see a dark shadow with a flipped right ear. You have spotted an Elsie! If you take in Acer’s face, you can tell he is less than pleased with this situation. But Elsie just wants a bit of love!!

    Clearly, Otto handles the cuddle better.

  2. The intense watching of the kitties.IMG_20160706_072929
    Like a kid watching her favourite cartoon, Elsie likes to sit close and observe her cat companions intently. (It may look as though Maggie is doing the same with Ace in the background, but let me assure you that she is actually looking outside at some neighbourhood kids stomping on our back garden.)

    She has difficulty not pursuing the cats, but she is learning and our cats are really, really patient with her. Ace, who is more vocal in his discomfort with her, is still extremely patient with her as she learns boundaries.

  3. Kisses.Much to the dismay of the cats, sometimes she bonds by kissing. It is sweet, but it also leaves their entire side damp and smelling like dog. With OCD Otto, it leads to hours of grooming. For Ace, well, she only landed a kiss on Ace once and he was asleep. I have not seen her try it again.

Here is to peace and Elsie finding her happy place among the cat creatures in her home. After all, she just wants to love them.