Why Can’t We be Friends?

More than anything else, Elsie wants to be best friends with Ace.

More than anything else, Ace wants nothing to do with Elsie.

This has led to an eternal struggle for love and for space between two of our furry children. Yet, Elsie has been making some progress.

They have a while yet to figure it all out, but here is to hoping they do eventually figure it all out…


Otto and the Importance of going Outside

From the Desk of King Otto:

I spend my days outside. Not only is it an easy way to stay in shape, but I am able to explore my kingdom, protect it from other felines, and grab nice lunch of skink and insects. There is so much more to be gained from being outside than these tasks, something fundamental and essential to life in the communing with nature.

As a house kitty, I am cuddly and loving. I even find that sometimes I reduce myself to responding to human commands when cheese is present. After a couple days inside, I am likely to loose my identity as a cat. I am a hunter, a predator, a KING after all. Not some simpleton begger, reliant on tricks to impress the human into feeding me. When I am outisde, I find the hunter within me and let him free to prowl, capture, and sometimes play with the creatures that trespass into my kingdom.

Staying fit is all good, but strength requires flexibility. I have tried to find a way to stretch and limber up inside to no avail. In the garden, there are trees to climb. After every climb, I feel more flexible and lithe. Being light on my feet is the only to creep around the big bears when they nap in the house to steal their water and their treats. Remember: A tree a day keeps the stiffness away.

A day outside revives the spirit and reminds you of who you truly are, this cannot be reiterated enough. If you are unable to spend a day outside, perhaps you can talk your humans on letting you go for a walk. I do appreciate a trip to the mountain, even if it requires a harness.


Nap Time

2:30 PM to 4:30 PM is nap time for the furries in our house.

I captured some photos from yesterday’s nap time.  Enjoy!

Maggie pretending she is asleep.20160711_173510

Elsie awoke by Mum trying to snap a picture.20160711_173409

Otto stretching during nap time.20160711_173027

Ace sound asleep on the preferred cat chair.20160711_172955

Rest well, my friends!

Otto and the Birdhouse

Otto spends his days outside. He typically can be spotted climbing trees, chasing Broadhead Skinks (shown below), or lounging on the deck.

Lately, he has been glued to the birdhouse in the side of our garden. The below photographs were taken over an hour and a half. (I was reading during this time. My animals are amusing and sometimes mesmerising, but I do not just watch them for hours on end. I am not that desperate for entertainment – most days.)

The previous owners said they found a Puff Adder (Eastern Hognose Snake) in the house last year. This story has been enough to stave off my curiosity. I keep away from the birdhouse as if it were dripping in poison that will kill you painfully, after one touch in moments. (If you know anything about snakes, you know how absurd my reaction to the story is. If not, here is why I am over-reacting. The hognose snake is not venomous to humans and has a very mild temper. Apparently, they are more likely to puff up and roll up as if dead when disturbed than attack.)

Donatello, the fearless ninja that he is, decided to show Otto there was nothing in the birdhouse in hopes that it would satiate his curiosity. He gathered Otto in his arms, went to the birdhouse (of satan, filled with snakes and poison – if you were to ask me), and hears movement.

Upon hearing movement, he puts Otto inside. The curiosity of the cat having been light aflame – the last thing his obsession needed was to be closer to the house. He opened the house and found a very happy family has moved into our garden.


And now, Otto will not leave the house alone. And, I am torn between being the parent of a serial killer or the champion of the bird family. After a lot of consideration, I believe I will let nature control the outcome of this particular affair. After all, the birdhouse was once home to the most terrifying of creatures. So, it is probably best I stay away.  It could come back.


Cleaning with Furries

Vacuum and Steam Cleaner

“A steaming a day keeps the dust away.” -Elsie

“The vacuum is an evil monster trying to eat me. Luckily, Mum will protect me. Mum is so amazing, she just handles that monster.” – Maggie

“The vacuum is an evil monster trying to eat me. Mum keeps letting it into the house. Mum is evil. They are in this together.” – Ace

“If Elsie would go potty outside like the rest of us, the stupid noise maker would not stop my  sleep.” – Otto

Vinegar/Baking Soda

“What is that noise? If I stick my face in it, I will find out.” – Ace

“Could you not do this while I am asleep?” – Otto


“I caught it! Look, I caught a floating bunny.” – Elsie

“It feels so good to roll in it.” – Maggie


During the spin cycle. “Intruder!” -Elsie

Wakes up to Elsie. “Mum! Intruder! Elsie never lies.” -Maggie

“What is in this room?” – Otto

“Is that fresh? May I sit on it? Oh, that is nice.” -Ace, prior to his afternoon nap


“This floor is so clean. Let me out to bring in some dirt.” – Elsie

“Please, don’t make me move to clean this spot. Just sweep around.” -Maggie

“I can catch it!” -Otto

“It will catch me!” -Ace