The Menagerie


Birthday: 01 January 2012

Aliases: Mags, Magpie, Maggie Pie, Sweet Girl

Maggie is our oldest. She is also the one with the biggest heart, best manners, and best behaviour. Her groomer, Seta, and her vet thinks she is just the best thing. We think she is pretty cool, guess we will keep her.

Maggie loves soccer, hiking, and cuddling until noon-ish. She will warm your lap any chilly night. If you begin reading, you will have a Maggie head in your lap before you turn the page. She thinks she is the mother of the family and is the embodiment of my soul outside of my body.


Birthday: 27 July 2012

Aliases: Acer Racer, Acer, High King

Ace is the biggest cat. His vet is sweet and calls him big boned, but at 16 lb, he is just a big boy. He was rescued from the sick kitty part of the animal shelter, but he hasn’t let that tough start define him. No, Ace is the king and we are his peasants, serving at his will. He prefers to observe his kingdom from a high perch and is often the victim of an Otto and Elsie attack. He might not be the oldest, but he is the teenager of our home. And, he would be much happier if he were the only creature in our home.


Birthday: 14 February 2013

Aliases: Mastermind, Ottoman, The Emperor, Ottobahn, Food Gremlin

Named for Nicolas Otto, Otto is the youngest cat. After his namesake, he is the smartest creature in our house – humans included. He was also rescued. However, he was rescued as an adult cat with no story of his past. We believe he was the leader of the Cat Mafia on White Horse Road (CMWHR) in Greenville, SC. Since the CMWHR has since disbanded, we are unable to confirm these speculations.

Otto loves the dogs, hiking, and catching things. He even enjoys a good cuddle. He loves even more that his big brother does not like the dogs and often uses them to torture Ace. Given Ace wins all the fair fights, we do not interfere – it is definitely not because we are afraid of his wraith turning our direction. Otto eats everything he can get a hold of whenever he gets a chance; did you open a cheese wrapper? (He has been trained to sit for food, so make him do a trick prior to sharing.)


Birthday: 26 October 2015

Aliases: Else, Elsie Welsie, Silent Pooper, Plopper, Dragon

Elsie, named for the first female engineer in the American Society of Civil Engineers, is our big, fluffy, pouncing goof-ball. She loves hiking, soccer, running, and playing. She enjoys cuddling, gnawing on antlers, and collecting things – she maybe a hoarder, hence the nickname ‘Dragon.’ As the baby of the family, she gets away with the most and has more energy than the entire family put together. Until she plops down and sleeps in one of her famous positions around the house. Elsie is a decorator, as you will undoubtedly see in the future.